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Basketball skills
online Courses

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Basketball Skills Online Training has everything you need in one place.

These online professional-level basketball courses are our best effort to give players the most excellent coaching we possibly can.  They are focused on creating HIGH IQ, well-rounded players who can score from anywhere in the court.
Each course video is approximately 5-8 minutes in length.

ONLINE course descriptions

Coach Will’s Top 7 Essentials for Guards

  • How to handle pressure

  • How to create pressure

  • Advance the ball in dominant hand

  • Point guard scoring

  • Crossover step

  • Slide dribble attacks

  • Long range pull up jumper

Top 8 Ways to Become a Great Game Shooter

  • Shot starting position

  • Shooting form

  • Be a 5 range scorer

  • Shot correction on the go

  • Catch & Shoot scoring

  • Running the arc

  • Running the arc part 2

  • Long range button hook slide step in to shot

Top 5 Coaching Concepts and Tips

  • First 4 Principles

  • Where to begin

  • Getting more reps in practice

  • Catch & Look, then attack

  • Movement and Spacing


Any of these resonate with you?

  • Working hard on your skills, but not getting playing time

  • You don’t understand the overall plan

  • Tools you’ve used don’t work in a game setting

  • You're depending on your team coaches to develop you as a whole player, not just to play a role on your team

  • Want to score effectively from multiple ranges  

  • Need better on-court decision-making skills 

  • Desire more confidence in yourself & your abilities

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Then you're at the right place

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